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embrace - Medical Experience for Ethnic Minority

embrace – Medical Experience for Ethnic Minority

This was a collaboration project initiated by Pok Oi Hospital under the New Territories West Cluster of Hospital Authority of Hong Kong. The project aimed to seek for opportunities of improving the service of...

FuniMovi - Tangible Interaction Design

FuniMovi – Tangible Interaction Design


Since the beginning of digital world, man is in a constant struggle of accessing and manipulating the virtual resources. In 1973, the Xerox PARC developed the Alto personal computer, which was the first one demonstrating the first generation of …

Net House - Robotecture Interaction

Net House – Robotecture Interaction

1// Conceptual description

Net House – Social Network Smart Architecture

Social media has developed virtual networks on the Internet, and everyone is tied into an account characterized by one’s own profile and habits. The project started as an idea to …